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Support projects

Rabobank and its employees strive to enrich the social environment of which they are an integral part. In this respect, we aim to improve the quality of life and social interaction of our fellow citizens. We think disadvantaged people should be able to grow and live in good conditions. Talent in sports or art should flourish and be enjoyed by the general public. And we want young people to see prospects for their future.

Local: in Frankfurt

Rabobank is involved locally in Frankfurt, helping disadvantaged children and young people, making our city a better place to live in. We actively support the RaUM children and youth facilities in Rödelheim by sponsoring educational programmes such as diet, exercise and painting classes. Since 2005, we have also been supporting various volunteer projects of the “Bürger Institut Frankfurt”, including the “JobProfis” project, which successfully supports socially disadvantaged young people in their search for employment. Every December, the employees of Rabobank Frankfurt pack countless Christmas parcels and organise their transportation to the needy children of the “Kinderzukunft” (Children’s Future) foundation. And we also encourage our business partners to help us out.

National: German sponsorship

RaboDirect Bank Deutschland is supporting the KinderCash (‘ChildrenCash’) project. This independent project has set itself the goal of equipping primary schools across Germany, from the first year upwards, with age-appropriate, ad-free teaching materials. The purpose is to encourage financial literacy and teach children to know-how to deal with money and consumption. RaboDirect Bank Deutschland is sponsoring the project with a donation of EUR 20,000. We are proud to be actively involved in the education of future generations and to contribute to improving the understanding of finance.

International: Rabo Share4More

Rabo Share4More was established in 2004 by employees of Rabobank as a fund with one goal: to provide children, women and disabled persons in developing countries with access to medicine, welfare and education through targeted projects. All employees of the global Rabobank Group are invited to make a voluntary contribution of 4 EUR from their monthly salary to Rabo Share4More. Together it all adds up to a considerable sum, which is then doubled by our board. The employee funds are used directly in several small projects aimed at supporting disadvantaged people in developing countries.

Global: sport and culture

The Rabobank name has global resonance in sports. We successfully sponsor sports such as field hockey and equestrianism.  For us, sponsorship is always a long-term relationship that is focused on the continuous improvement of athletic performance and its environment. We provide not only financial resources, but also expertise and facilities. We see sport as an important part of a worthwhile society. Additionally Rabobank promotes talents in art and culture.

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