Vendor Finance

Accelerates your business 
growth and turnover

Vendor Finance

  • A suitable finance solution for manufacturers, distributors and dealers
  • Accelerates your business growth and turnover
  • Solutions for multiple assets

As a supplier, you go the extra mile for your customers. This is why you advise them to optimise usage of their equipment. Leasing enables your customers to benefit from use of the equipment, without the necessity of ownership.

When your dealers hold your equipment as inventory, this can put pressure on their liquidity. By offering them commercial finance, you receive early payments on shipments with limited risks related to dealer payments. In addition, they profit from an interesting solution for their inventory finance.

Commercial finance is an essential component in your service offering to your dealers and resellers.

As a manufacturer or supplier, your dealers are crucial for your sales. Making use of commercial finance does not only increase your sales and market share, but you can also benefit from early payments on shipments and limitations on risks related to dealer payments.

Vendor finance helps you increase your market by offering leasing solutions added to the sale of your equipment.

Value Vendor Finance delivers for your customers:

  • They decide on use or ownership of the asset
  • They pay the same amount every month
  • They benefit from having the newest equipment available
  • They keep their debt capacity with the bank
  • They secure 100% of the investment amount

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