Capital Structuring

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Capital Structuring

Rabobank’s Capital Structuring team advises companies on their capital structure, linked to acquisitions, refinancings, restructurings and other major events.

Our capital Structuring team has professionals on four continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Australia) and is therefore well positioned to assist and advise clients on their capital structure or related topics across the globe. As leading advisor, our mandates typically include:

  • Financial modelling and debt structuring
  • Debt capacity analysis
  • Impact analysis of corporate events on financials (including liquidity analysis), credit ratios, covenants and credit rating
  • Evaluation, recommendation and coordination with respect to different funding products
  • Rating advisory processes

Capital Structuring is part of Rabobank’s Corporate Finance Advisory team, together with our Mergers & Acquisitions colleagues. We provide our clients with integrated funding advice related to key corporate events.

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