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Stephan Hackenberg, Head of Corporate Clients

Stephan Hackenberg

Head of
Corporate Clients

Markus Patzke, Head of Corporate Banking

Markus Patzke

Head of
Corporate Banking

Christoph Fandrich, General Manager Rabo Trading Germany GmbH

Christoph Fandrich

General Manager
Rabo Trading Germany GmbH

Luco Pignato, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

Luca Pignato

Head of
Mergers & Acquisitions

Klaus Vehns, General Manager

Klaus Vehns

General Manager

Marc Schäfer, Chief Commercial Officer

Marc Schäfer

Chief Commercial Officer

Larissa Derigs, Head of Human Resources

Larissa Derigs

Head of
Human Resources

Jochen Eremit, Chief Administration Officer

Jochen Eremit

Chief Administration Officer

George Chatzis, Chief Risk Officer

George Chatzis

Chief Risk Officer

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