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International Desk

Thuis in Nederland – Thuis in de Wereld:

As a Dutch entrepreneur, you are looking for a bank that you can trust and one that will handle your international banking operations efficiently, regardless of the size or sector of your business. With over 40 years’ international experience, Rabobank can offer you a comprehensive range of international products. If you are examining the possibility of opening an office in Germany, the United States or India, it is good to know that Rabobank is also present in those countries. This enables you to place your banking business in the hands of one single bank: Rabobank.

Over three-quarters of international businesses believe that having proper local networks is the biggest factor for success. Rabobank has International Desks worldwide, staffed by Dutch professionals who understand both: local mores and you. The International Desk managers can put you in touch with other Dutch businesses and local network partners. The power of Rabobank’s worldwide local presence will be deployed to strengthen your local network.

As the largest financial service provider in the Netherlands with an International Desk in Germany, we can help you on your way both in the Netherlands as well as in Germany.

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