Maximise the utilisation 
of your working capital


  • Unlock the value in your assets
  • Maximise the utilisation of your working capital
  • Optimise the leverage in your balance sheet (without tying up debt lines with the bank)

Do you recognise the following developments in your business: strong growth, international expansion, buy and build strategy or seasonal patterns in cash flow? If so, then securing sufficient liquidity can be a challenge. Factoring can help you to unlock the value in your trade receivables and inventory, enhancing your cash flow and optimising the leverage in your balance sheet.

How can factoring help me? What is the day-to-day impact on my financial department? And will it fit within my current finance structure? These are all valid questions. Our IT platform is designed to support your cash flow planning, enabling you to have funds available the next day. You can monitor all the necessary details, such as debtor payments, ageing, payment behaviour and more. Not only will you maximise your cash, you will also receive management information enabling you to handle your cash flow and individual debtors more effectively. Factoring is the most flexible solution for the management of your working capital requirements on a daily basis. It is often one of many finance solutions for your business. Additionally, factoring is complementary to other finance solutions and is easily combined with other or more complex solutions such as syndicated facilities.

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