Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

A world that is home to about 7.5 billion people depends on clever handling of food and agricultural goods. As a thought leader in the Food & Agri market, we know that sustainable production of food requires the intelligent use and protection of resources. Our future quality of life is decided today. Rabobank is committed to ensuring production of more high-class food, growth of society’s prosperity and protection of nature. Our commitment is evident in both small and large projects.

Waste recycling: systematic

Sustainable behaviour and recycling are taken very seriously in the everyday work environment of our offices. Everything that can still be used, be it furniture or computer screens, is given to social projects. Everything else is recycled or disposed of safely.

Climate change: the WWF

It’s not just with major actions that people and companies can help save resources. Many small details in everyday life and work can make a difference. A small but fine example is the Rabobank credit card in the Netherlands: for every transaction that our customers perform, Rabobank makes a contribution to the climate protection projects of the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF.

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